We've worked hard to create the very best trampolines for our customers. With fantastic products comes great responsibility, so we're honoured to provide high quality customer service at every stage of your Vuly Trampolines experience.

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Vuly offers a warranty period of:

  • Medium Thunder Trampoline
  • 8Years
  • 1Year
  • 2Years
    Safety Net & Mat (excl. print)

  • Vuly2 Trampoline
  • 7Years
  • 5Years
    Springs & mat (excl. print)
  • 1Year
    Safety Pads & Net
  • Vuly Lite Trampoline
    Vuly Lite
  • 6Years
  • 5Years
    Springs & mat (excl. print)
  • 1Year
    Safety Pads & Net

Our warranty covers manufacturing defects and damage to your product, subject to the exclusions listed in the Vuly Warranty Policy.

Lodging a claim

If you purchased a Vuly trampoline in the UK, please take a minimum of three photos that show the defect or damage and fill out the form to the right.

Form needs to submit through to:

Product Registration

If you purchased a Vuly Trampoline through one of our trampoline resellers, you may register your product to receive ongoing support, news, discounts and more.

Just e-mail a copy of your proof of purchase to

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Customer
  • Resellers

What is the maximum weight limit for a Vuly trampoline?

The Vuly 2 has a maximum weight limit of 330lbs for all the four sizes, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft and 14ft.

The Thunder Trampoline has a maximum weight rating of 330lbs across all sizes.

Are Vuly trampolines made in USA/Australia?

Vuly's trampoline frames are made from Australian steel that is galvanised both inside and out. The UV-resistant trampoline jumping mat material is made in USA. The manufacture and packaging of our trampolines is performed in China.

What is your policy on faulty trampolines?

We ask our customers to email us photos of the trampoline fault in order to determine whether the damage was caused by normal use or if it is the result of a manufacturing defect. If it is decided that the damage was no fault of your own, we will replace the part as soon as possible. For more information, read our warranty policy.

Please note: If the warranty claim is lodged within the first seven working days (7) after the delivery date and is accepted by Vuly, return delivery of the damaged part will be paid for by Vuly and the part replaced free of charge to the customer. After seven working days (7) from the delivery date, the customer must pay for return delivery of the part claimed under warranty to Vuly. Vuly will assist the customer in this action. If the warranty claim is accepted, Vuly will provide the replacement part free of charge to the customer.

How heavy is the trampoline?

Thunder is not a light trampoline. The parts have been designed to be strong and sturdy to ensure the best possible bounce, and therefore are quite heavy.

The total weights for Thunder are:

Medium: 378.97lbs

Large: 488.8lbs

Extra Large: 560.64lbs

Are they bouncy?

Yes, Thunder is bouncy! In fact, Thunder has been designed to provide the best bounce of any backyard trampoline.

We have used tapered leaf springs to provide the best bounce for all users. Smaller bouncers will use the top leafspring, and larger bouncers will use all three leaf springs, which will alleviate pressure on your joints and enable you to go higher than ever before. We've even added a higher trampoline enclosure to keep you safe while you're in the air.

How do I move the Thunder Trampoline?

Due to Thunder's heavy nature, we recommend setting up your trampoline in the ideal position in your backyard, to avoid having to move your trampoline around once installed.

It may also be tricky to mow underneath your trampoline, so we suggest placing it on a concreted surface if you have space available, so that mowing isn't an issue.

We are currently developing an accessory that will assist with the moving of your trampoline, but at this stage it is best to keep it stationary in the location in which you set it up.

How do I apply to become a Vuly Reseller?

Fill out the New Dealer Inquiry Form or Call us at 0800 206 1191 to request an Application Form.

How long does it take to apply for an account?

Once you've submitted your online application or we receive your Application Form, you will be notified by email within 24 hours about the outcome of your application. Please check your junk mail if you signed up using the online application form and did not receive an email.

If you've selected to apply for a Credit Account, a Vuly trade account specialist will advise you of the outcome of your application within a few business days.

What are the costs associated with becoming a Vuly Reseller?

There are no costs involved with the Vuly Reseller Program. If you've been accepted for credit, however, you will need to meet your minimum purchase amount per annum as outlined in your Supply Agreement to maintain your status as a Vuly Authorised Reseller.

How can I pay for my order?

We accept a variety of payment methods including Credit Cards, Direct Deposits/Wire Transfer or Checks. Please contact your Account Manager to determine what would be the best method of payment for your account.


Toll Free: 0800 206 1191

Where can I see Vuly products?

Images of our full range of trampolines, product specifications and packaging dimensions are available on our website.

How do I make a warranty claim for my customer?

Vuly understands that since you deal with multiple products and suppliers, customer warranty claims can be frustrating and time-consuming for you.

This is why Vuly accepts 100% responsibility for its warranty process. On the occasion that a warranty issue may arise, we provide full product service and post-sales support to all customers who purchase

Vuly products through you. We will respond to all warranty claims and deliver spare parts directly to customers to save you valuable time and resources.

For full details about Vuly's Warranty Policy and how you can direct your customer in lodging their claim, see our Warranty Policy or contact Vuly on 0800 206 1191.